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About Royal Palm Billing Solutions

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Royal Palm Billing Solutions is a full-service Revenue Cycle Management company based in Georgia. With over 20 years of Medicaid & Commercial insurance experience, our medical billing services and healthcare solutions focus on maximizing your return on investment, increasing revenue, decreasing denials, and improving productivity.

Royal Palm Billing Solutions is a revenue management company specializing in practice management, physician credentialing, medical billing, and coding. We have a multitude of tools and a team of dedicated professionals to keep your practice financially fit. Our mission is to surpass our clients' challenges by delivering high-quality medical billing services and cost-effective medical billing, collections, and management services through the highest degree of professionalism. We aim to dramatically increase your practice productivity, level of quality, and profits.

Easy-To-Start Onboarding Process

Every practice is different. At Royal Palm Billing Solutions, we understand the importance of your business. Our easy-to-start onboarding process requires No Setup Fees and no Training Fees and includes 24-hour support, daily financial and tracking reports, and customizable solutions for every business model. With each client’s unique performance and financial goals, we easily adapt to your procedures, improve procedures, and provide ongoing transparency into every step of your revenue cycle.

Medical Coding

Get maximum reimbursements and reduce your denial ratio while reducing your cost with our efficient and customized medical coding services. We provide billing solutions for all specialties and types of medical facilities. Feel free to contact us for all your billing needs.


Our credentialing services are a go-to solution for all of your initial and ongoing credentialing needs. Credentialing is a very first step and is considered as a foundation for setting up a new practice. We're your partner in laying this foundation in a smooth manner.

Accurate & Timely Submissions

Our team of experienced billers handles every claim with utmost care and also believes that accurate & timely submissions play a vital role in increasing monthly collection. We have a setup of pre-submission verifications & eligibility checks that ensures accurate submissions. 

Our Best Focus is on Your GROWTH

Revenue Cycle Management is a long and tedious process; we offer full Revenue cycle management services. We aim to provide financial stability to our clients by increasing their revenue. We have been serving multiple specialties for the last five years. In this challenging, technical, and constantly updating field of medical coding & billing, you need an Expert who can take care of your billing cycle and enable you and your staff to be more Patient-centric. We are your partner in the growth of your practice and are always available to help you with your billing concerns, whether they are related to your facility or your patient.


We know the importance of timely payment and will assign a dedicated team and a manager to your account whose best focus will be increasing your monthly collection.


Our credentialing services will get you up and running quickly; we have an experienced credentialing team and have served multiple providers/specialties in Georgia. We will help you with your Licensing, CAQH Registration, NPI application, Enrollment with Medicare, state Medicaid, and all major commercial insurance.


Aging could be a hurdle in the growth of your practice, and there could be multiple reasons why your claims are not getting paid on time. Our A/R Specialists will help you identify those problems in your existing billing cycle and provide expert solutions that will greatly reduce your Aging A/R. Our frequent Audits and specialized reports will keep you updated and prepare you for the future challenges of your practice.


Our Specialities

  • Mental Health Billing Services

  • Behavioral Health Services

  • ABA Therapy Billing Services

  • Psychology Billing Services

  • Pediatrics Billing Services

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